Thursday, November 15, 2012

Folsom Skin Care Specialist Earns Oncology Esthetics Certification
Folsom, California (November 8, 2012) – Connie M. Chan, a licensed esthetician and specialist in massage in Folsom, CA, recently earned a certificate in Oncology Esthetics® (COE).  Now a certified oncology esthetician, Chan expands her practice to serve individuals with, or recovering from, cancer.
The certification, earned through Oncology Esthetics®, training facilitated by Touch For Cancer, prepares professional estheticians to provide safe, personalized spa treatments to individuals with health-challenged skin.
Through Oncology Esthetics®, Chan underwent extensive training in understanding how cancer and therapy treatments affect the body at the dermal and lymphatic level.  The program explored the side effects of cancer therapies, how those are further compounded by various medications, and the importance of proper sanitation to support weakened immune systems.  Certification also required Chan to learn how to perform gentle yet effective protocols using compatible skin ingredients.
“Beyond keeping my practice on the cutting-edge, this certification will allow me to safely serve a new, and very deserving, base of individuals with health-challenged skin,” Chan said.  “My goal is that through the power of the esthetic touch, I can provide a soothing escape for individuals battling cancer.”
“Estheticians work with the largest organ of the human body—skin,” said Morag Currin, founder of Touch For Cancer.  “Understanding how to safely and effectively treat the skin, particularly when it is challenged by cancer, is paramount to the psychological and physical care of the client.”
Chan a certified Massage therapist and specialist in skin care in Folsom, CA offers the specialized treatments at The Healing Station, located at 530 Plaza Drive, Suite 130.  The treatments will use the Tecniche product line which incorporates the most effective, iconic ingredients into the gentlest Cosmeceutical skin care—formulated specifically for individuals with compromised skin.
About The Healing Station
The Healing Station is a Folsom-based alternative health and wellness spa that offers a wide range of skin and body care services.  These include reviving massages, pampering facials and peels, elegant eyelash extension, soothing body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and waxing.   For more information, visit


Friday, November 2, 2012

The Healing Station Pampers Attendees at Elegant Spa Event 

Written by Dena Kouremetis
The Healing Station Pampers Attendees at Elegant Spa Event
Beauty, fortune and adornment. That’s what was in store for attendees of The Healing Station’s recent “Fall into Healing” event held at their wellness center in Folsom located at 530 Plaza Drive.
On hand with dinner-worthy hors d’oeuvres, wine, and desserts, owners Connie and Marc Chan and their guest vendors treated an unexpectedly large crowd of 45 attendees to chair massages, skin analyses, makeup application techniques, tarot card readings and jewelry-wearing demonstrations as guests found refuge from the rain in the elegant spa facilities.“The food was great and I loved my first ever massage. I was so relaxed I had to leave!” said attendee Barbara Hockensmith of LakeNatoma Printing and Design.
The first event of its kind held by The Healing Station, Connie Chan was heartened by the gracious response.  “Even with playoff games and presidential debates going on, people turned out to enjoy themselves,” she says. “Some of the ladies even had their husbands along!”
Guest vendors included Premier Jewelry Design’s Kelley Testa, local artist Joyce Auteri, and Tarot card reader Deanna Frank of Tarot Intuitive. The evening also included a raffle for attendees to win donated items from the center’s premier product line Cosmedix and services by the different therapists, valued over $1,000, the proceeds of which go to treat skin damage created by cancer therapies. “We believe in giving back to those brave people who have faced some scary prospects in life,” says Chan. “Helping to heal them on the outside is a gratifying part of the process for us.” To learn more about this worthy cause, contact Chan at 916-294-9980
The Healing Station offers a full range of beauty and wellness services, including reviving massage, pampering facials and peels, elegant eyelash extensions, soothing body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and waxing.  It is the ideal location to celebrate life with special programs for groups and couples. Visit their web site at for more information.

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