Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Get the Right Skin Care Treatments for Rosacea’s Various Symptoms

"Some treatments are known to control the effects of rosacea, like the “Healing Signature Treatment” from The Healing Station, an acne and skin care clinic in Folsom, CA. These kind of treatments are highly recommended for those with rosacea and sensitive skin. If the redness and swelling get really bad you can also try using our Molecular Rice Mask at home to help decrease the redness. Medicine.net also suggests the use of antibacterial washes, antibiotic pills, and pulsed light therapies. Take note, however, that it is important to consult a doctor before using one of these treatments. Also, prevention is always better than cure, so if possible, refrain from eating foods that can cause a flare-up, stay away from direct sunlight, and always stay in a room with a comfortable temperature."

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